The Companion

I have officially started a new project called ὁ ἑταῖρος, or if you prefer English, "the companion." Here is ὁ ἑταῖρος published on Github Pages and here's the source on Github. From the site:

This is a companion resource to use along with Seumas’ Lingua Graecae Per Se Illustrata. I am not claiming an endorsement by Seumas though, as he had no idea that I was doing this.

Lingua Graecae Per Se Illustrata, like its eponymous ancestor Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata, is a very different way to approach studying an ancient language. I am a huge fan of LLPSI, so I am happy to help in whatever way I can to create something similar for Greek. One of the very nice things about LLPSI is that it’s not just a textbook, but a textbook with associated resources covering the same material. This increases the amount of materials for extensive reading for the learner, which is enormously helpful. In the same way, this is meant to be a companion resource for the learner. Each chapter is meant to cover nothing more than what is covered in the main text.

Even though it is at this point easy Greek, this has been a useful exercise for me. But unlike all my personal practice up to this point, this can be useful for people other than myself simply because I am putting it out there for use. So use it!

I don’t have any set plans for scheduling, though I plan to work on this with at least a fair bit of consistency. I also do not have any set plans for chapter length. I am not trying to mimic the rough LLPSI analogue, Colloquia Personarum, though as a useful companion, it is definitely my inspiration.

At the moment I am attempting to do the Github pages thing with pure markdown, without setting up something like Jekyll. If I can’t get around the limitations I am finding, then I will be switching to that, though I don’t expect anyone will notice except for improved styling and navigation. Regardless of Github pages or not, more definitely needs to be done with the styling. is a thing I made! It feels nice to put something out there. If you find it useful, I want to hear about it.

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